Sunday, February 15, 2009

How To Install a Mailbox Post

Sorry for being gone so long as I have not been updating this blog as much as I would like to, I promise to get things back rolling to normal. Today I will be going over how to install a mailbox post, as this can be very costly to have it done professionally.

The thing is if you have the right tools and follow this guide then any amateur that has a little bit of handyman knowledge will be able to successfully install a mail box post, or any kind of post that is needed, it is not that hard.

As for tools, you will need something that can dig a hole, for this you will need to get your hands on a post digger. Post diggers are made to dig cylinder shaped holes in the ground and this is the type of hole that we are going to need to install a post. A manual post digger is like two shovels that open and close like scissors and they make digging holes easy.

Some of the other tools that you will need to install a post will be some cement mix and something to mix the cement in. You will also need a hammer, and a level to make sure that when you set the post up it is straight and not leaning to one side looking all retarded.

First step we will take is to dig a hole that is about 2 feet deep, make sure that it is wide enough for the post to fit into. Insert the post into the hole and then hammer down on the post until it is standing sturdy, using the level make sure that the post is level.

Now we are going to mix up the concrete and fill in the hole that is around the post, not all the way though leave about 6 inches from the bottom of the ground as we will be filling this in with dirt the next day once the concrete is dry.

Let the concrete sit and settle overnight, then the next day you can shovel in the rest of the hole with dirt. That's it, you are done, very easy and simple steps to install a mail box post. Now it is just a matter of screwing the mailbox onto the post. I ran across a site that has mailboxes for sale if any of you are looking into buying a mailbox.

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