Saturday, August 29, 2009

Handyman Moving To Bigger and Better Things

I thank all of my readers that have visited this website in the past and the ones that are still currently coming in to learn how to fix certain stuff. I have bought a website domain that will be hosted at my own expense and I will be continuing these types of home improvement tips on a different blog.

The reason for this is mainly more freedom on what I want to do with the site and the opportunity is there. There are tons of tutorials that are on this site how to be a handyman that could surely help everyone that happens to pass by and learn a thing or two. No matter if it has to do with plumbing or air conditioning, maybe even a little bit of electrical work here in there on how to replace minor electrical equipment.

The good thing about the new handyman website blog is that 90% of the information that is going to be placed onto the site is going to be in video so that you have a better chance of actually completing the task you were trying to accomplish in the first place.

So be on the lookout - do not worry this blog is not going anywhere if you need to come back and learn how to install a dishwasher or change the direction the door swings on a fridge then by all means I am not erasing the original posts they will all still be here for your viewing pleasure. That is all I hope to see you all over at


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