Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Handyman tells how to install/replace a dishwasher

This post has been updated with illustrations. How to install a dishwasher

Hello again from your favorite handyman. In this lesson I will teach you how to remove and install a dishwasher without shocking the shit out of yourself and flooding your house/condo/apartment etc. 1st thing you need to do is make sure the power is off. Go to the breaker box and turn the breaker to the dishwasher off. If the breaker is not labeled you can have a friend hold a meter up to one of the wires and flip the breakers until the meter stops beeping. Or you could just run the dishwasher and flip the breakers until you can hear the dishwasher shut off. Either way a meter is highly recommended by this handyman when it comes to electricity.
Next step you want to do if you haven't all ready is make sure that the hot water supply going into the dishwasher is shut off. Okay now we can start removing everything. grab a pair of channel locks or a wrench and undo the hose going into the hot water supply valve. then there should be a drain hose it usually hooks into the garbage disposal. unhook it by loosing the clamp with a screwdriver or wrench whatever it takes, now you should have the supply line and drain line disconnected. next is the electric, there should be a panel held in by a couple of screws. unscrew the screws and locate where the wires are connected by wire nuts. unscrew the wire nuts, now just pull the dishwasher carefully out, u may have to lower the feet so it will slide out. there might be a couple of screws securing the dishwasher to the counter top at the top of the dishwasher. Just unscrew them if their are then the dishwasher should slide right out. u might want to jam a rag into the end of the drain line to avoid water leakage. now the old dish washer should be removed. Next from the handyman.

Handyman Tells How To Install a Dish Washer

Connect the supply line and drain line to the bottom of the dishwasher, teflon tape and a 90 degree brass elbow may be needed for the supply line. Run the drain line and supply line to the water supply valve and drain inlet(either garbage disposal or sink drain) If your installing a dishwasher surrounded by new cabinets you may need to drill or cut a hole through the wood so the hoses can fit through. Hook up your electric wires with some wire nuts, (black to black,white to white...ground to metal, usually green) with the supply line and drain line ran they should be hooked up just like they were disconnected. Adjust the feet at the bottom of the dishwasher to the counter top, secure it with some short screws, turn the power back on, turn the water back on , run the dishwasher and check for leak under the sink and under the dishwasher itself with the cover panel off, once confirmed there are no leaks put the front panel back on. Thats it, u just saved yourself about 200 bucks from hired some handyman to do this simple job. Signing off the Handyman.

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