Wednesday, June 4, 2008

handyman tells how to replace a bad outlet

UPDATE: I have made an illustrated walkthrough step by step to Replace a bad outlet

handyman pro tells u how easy it is to replace an outlet receptacle. All you will need is a couple of tools and some handyman knowledge and common sense.

handyman tools required: needle nose pliers and a screwdriver (probably a phillips head screwdriver)

1st thing to do is secure the power, if one of the receptacles is working plug a radio into it an flip the breaker until it turns off. If its not working out at you can also use a voltage meter to see if the power is off. Theres some other ways also like intentionally blowing the breaker off but IM not going to say because if you dont know then you shouldnt try it because you will probably shock yourself to death.

Okay. Power off. good. Unscrew screws mounting it. Loosen the screws that hold the 2 wires(sometimes 3 or 4 or 5 depending if its controlled by a toggle switch and has a ground properly set up)

note: some outlets have a smaller gage wire that just pushes into the holes on the back of the outlet you can easily wiggle them out and insert them if they fit

If the wire is to big to fit into the holes you have to attach them to the screws on the side.

handyman tip:

The hot wire(s) generally go to the right hand side of the outlet(if the receptacle is facing you)

The neutral wire(s) generally go to the left.

bend the un-live wire and secure it to the screw.(Or slide into the holes on the back of the outlet if applicable.)

Secure the mounting screws. Make sure no bare wire is touching anything but the outlet receptacle.

turn the breaker on. If you dont here a pop your good. test it. done. They also sell outlet receptacle test plugs that cost 5-10 bucks they will tell you exactly what is wrong with the receptacle.

thats it. questions are welcome and will be answered
Signing off the handyman.

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