Tuesday, June 10, 2008

How To Unclog a Toilet

So you are here because you want to know how to unclog a toilet. First thing is how bad is the toilet clogged ? If its flushing but just flushing slowing then the handyman recommends a plunger. Its very easy. Thought his Handyman recommends a heavy duty plunger not one of those 2 dollar plungers that just move upward when you try to plunge the exit of the toilet bowl. Grab your heavy duty plunger and make sure it is covering the hole inside the toilet bowl. Press down on the flush lever just enough to where water is rising and almost bout to overflow out of the bowl, this is to ensure that we get good pressure to unclog whatever is clogging the toilet pipe. Give three short pushes then push the plunger all the way down. Keep repeating this process until toilet is flushing normally.

If this simple technique is not working you may need to use a 6 foot snake. A snake is a metal spiraling turd terminator. You basically just stick it in the hole then crack it down as far as it will go then bring it back up. It is much better then the plunging method. The snake will either push whatever is blocking the water flow out of the way or it will pull the obstruction back up out of the toilet bowl. If both of these methods fail the Handyman then suggest that you pull the toilet up. You will have to have a toilet wax ring to do this and a pair of pliers to un-tighten the toilet bolts. The handyman recommends a new set of toilet bolts but it is not always necessary. Once you got the two toilet bolt nuts off you might need a razor to cut through any caulking that may be around the base. There will be a water supply line connected to the tack. Shut off the supply inlet valve to the toilet. Loosen the supply line to the tank. Now the toilet is ready to be pulled up.

If you have a shop vacuum the handyman recommends vacuuming out the water 1st making it easier to lift up. Just be sure to empty the vacuum outside and plug your nose because it is going to smell like shit ! Look down in the drain where the toilet was. If you see water still there the you are going to need a long rooter to snake the main drain line. This shouldn't be the case though this doesn't happen that often unless the piping is very old. If theres no water there then the problem is in the toilet. Flip the toilet over carefully because it is fragile against hard surfaces and will break. Look into the bottom hole to see if anything is blocking it, usually its a kids toy or some Q-tips.... remove the obstruction and flip toilet back over. Place wax ring on ground where the hole is at. Set toilet floor bolts straight up aligned across from each other. Set toilet on hole. Once set try not to move toilet or lift it back up or wax ring will lose purpose. tighten nuts on toilet bolts. Reconnect supply hose. Turn water on. Flush. This is how to unclog a toilet. If this does not work let me know and I will tell you what to do. Signing off, your favorite handyman.

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Donald said...

Good article man, I tried the plunger a couple of times, and I even pulled the toilet up and checked to see if there was anything stuck in the toilet. But there was some standing water in the hole where the toilet covers...this aint normal is it? If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

dwepproductionz said...

Sounds like you have a main drain line clog. This requires a heavy duty snake to unclog the blockage, the ones that the plumbers use are about 50-100 feet long. And there should be a waste drain somewhere around your house, by opening this up, it may solve the problem, but beware, if you find the waste drain, the stuff that is going to be pouring out is going to be nasty.

Vin said...

I suspect there is lego stuck inside the toilet. Do I need to lift the toilet out? Will a coat hanger or shop vac suck it out? Please email me at slicer4@yahoo.com Thanks.

dwepproductionz said...

Vin - an auger would be the best way to get a lego out of the toilet, if you do not have access to auger than I would just trry to plunge the hell out of the toilet - get a heavy duty toilet plunger it should create enough suction and force to knock the lego to the main line where it will drain out. You could pull the toilet if that doesn't work but remember you will have to replace the wax ring when you put the toilet back on.