Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How to be a "Handyman" intro

A Handy Man is someone who is knowledgeable in mostly
all home improvement and repairs. From servicing ovens,
repairing and replacing dishwashers, servicing refrigerators,
Hvac repair replacement etc. So why waste money to pay
some Handy Man a crap load of money to do a small task
you could have done in about 10 minutes or so. Any
handyman is just out to overcharge you anyway its how
they make thier money. Im a Handyman at an apartment
complex so I dont get this privelage of doing this
since I onky get paid by the hour. But I have been a
handyman for about 7 years and I am here to spread
my Handyman knowledge to everyone who reads this blog.
I will explain every article the best I can and will
answer every question that you might have or any problems
you could run in to. And eventually I will have an
article on repairing and installing everything. Some
of the work I will be writing How To's on are Hvacs,
dishwashers, garbage disposals, water heaters, installing
sinks, installing faucets, how to unclog a toilet, how
to replace a wax ring, replace a flapper and fill valve,
more "handyman" crap. Installing locks, hanging up
light fixtures, ceiling fans, change a light bulb, (lol)
and will be taking any handyman request on anything
you might need help doing. I am the master Handyman,
my knowledge is strong, so ask this handyman whatever..

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